Class Picnic - September 9, 2013
Pottsville, PA
2013-09-07ClassPicnic750a.jpg 730x312
Group photo at the picnic at Pottsville Zone on 9 September 2008

Row 1 - Marie Goodman Geiger, Shirley Muldowney Morgan, Joan Nederoski, Emma Lou Lynn Howe, Leon Grickis

Row 2 - Joan Jamitis Destefano, Robert Reiley, Chick Tamburelli, John Kutch, Lois Bologna Mengel, Pat Dunbrowney Day, Janet Bartholemew Whitaker, Peggy Ann Dull Freemam, Jack Dillow

Row 3 - Elizabeth Nuss Boyer, Don Simonds, Neil Keihm, Dale Fernsler, Jack Leffler, Arlen Day, Ralph Phillips, Bill Davis

August 5, 2011
Happy 80th Birthday Leon Grickis
Pottsville, PA

To help Leon Grickis celebrate his 80 birthday, his daughter Jancie hosted a party at his home and there were guests from Connecticut; York, PA; Harrisburg, PA; & Carlisle PA. His son Leon and Leon's family & in-laws were also there. Friends Liz and Jack Dillow were unable to attend.

Among the many guests celebrating this occasion with Leon were classmates Mary Paulin Zuk, Leon Grickis, Donald Bevan, Shirley Morgan, Arlen Day, Lois Mengel, Tom Xedeas, Chic Tamburelli, Jack Leffler, Bob Reiley, & Pat Day who gathered on the steps for this special photo. The classmates sang the Alma Mater after the picture taking. (Photo courtesy of Cindy Yohe. Cindy, a great friend of Leon, and husband Jerry are from York, Pa.)

Courthouse Commons Commemorative Class Brick
March 30, 2011

Schuykill County is celebrating its Bicentennial this year, 1811-2011, and is constructing a Courthouse Commons featuring trees, benches and brick pathways.

The Reunion committee voted and with all in agreement it was decided to be part of Schuylkill County History and purchase a brick. Shown below is a clipping from the Pottsville Republican Herald newspaper that happens to show our brick.

courthousecommons400a.jpg 400x431bricl400.jpg 400x498
The brick layout above is an example only and may not represent where our brick will eventually be located. If you are interested in sponsoring a brick, the following order form contains information that will be of interest to you. Click Here for a PDF copy of the order form.

orderform400.jpg 400x659

Jim Womer and Chris Leffler
Summer of 1950

Recently Don Simonds received a note from Jack Leffler's daughter that said, in part, "I'm sitting here with my dad, Jack Leffler, on his 78th birthday and we came across this picture which I've attached. It is my dad along with Jim Womer and was taken after graduation in Wildwood, NJ. My dad tells me that these were the 'good ole days' when he and Jim drove down the shore, slept on the beach and had their picture taken on the boardwalk in one of those photo booths. (My dad says that this picture was taken when we still had "all of our teeth and all of our hair!")"

leffler.jpg 829x664

Class Picnic - September 13, 2008
Pottsville, PA
2008-09-13Picnic.jpg 700x352
Group photo at the picnic at Christy Joy's, Bull's Head, on 13 September 2008

Click Here for a collection of pictures from the picnic.

Back row, l. to r.: Bill Coulson, Joan Perrott Kupchinsky, Dolores Miscavage Rose (hidden), Bill Phillips, Neil Keihm, Lou Paparazo, Don Simonds, Leon Grickis, Jim Beissel.

Next row:, l. to r.: Jack Dillow, Annetta Harrison Manhart, Rose Majeskie Campbell, Janet Bartholemew Whitaker, Liz Nuss Boyer, Jack Leffler, Don Bevan, Bill Davis, Mark Mosolino.

Next row, l. to r.: Shirley Muldowney Morgan, Marie Goodman Geiger, Janet Cody Swartz, Lois Bologna Mengel, Joan Williams Williams, Peggy Ann Dull Freeman, Dale Fernsler, Pat Dunbrowney Day.

In Front, l. to r.: Chick Tamburelli, Arlen Day, Jeanne Rich Luckenbill, Bob Reiley, Jim Freeman.

We had a decent turnout at the picnic on Saturday. There were about 50 total there. Skies were overcast, but it didn't rain as predicted. Most had gathered by about noon, and although it was scheduled to go to 6:30, pretty well everyone had gone, except for those cleaning up, by about 5. (Sign of old age?) The usual picnic fare, lots of gabbing and catching up, and individual photos and a group picture. Chick Tamburelli, who has a pleasant pops voice, set up his karaoke equipment and sang.

Pauline Keehn
Woodland, CA   530-666-9412

I was looking for info on 1946 graduates of Centre Street Elementary School when I ran across this site. I was delighted to find that it described exactly the conditions that I remember while growing up at 211 Peacock Street in Fishbach from 1941 to 1946. If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of the 1946 Centre Street School graduates, please let me know. I'd like to know how their lives turned out. Had our family stayed in Pottsville, I would have graduated from Pottsville High in 1952.

  Wednesday, February 15, 2006
(Special Note: Don Simonds and Bill Dove have Pauline's e-mail address if you would like to e-mail her.)

Denny Hardock
Pottsville, PA   570-449-7777

Dear Alumni:

Shown below is a copy of an article published on January 19th in the Pottsville REPUBLICAN & Herald Newspaper that provides an update on the non-profit "LASTING LEGACY" that was formed last year. We are off to a good start and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You


Music program gets $10,000 anonymous gift
Lasting Legacy received a donation Wednesday to the tune of $10,000 from an anonymous donor for the Pottsville Area School District music program.

After being created a few months ago, the financial body of Pottsville's Bicentennial Committee has more than doubled its general fund with the donation, which was presented by the Pottsville branch of Sovereign Bank at D.H.H. Lengel Middle School.

"This will provide funding for instruments and lessons for kids who may not be able to afford them," said Denny Hardock, the committee's chairman, who has two daughters, Jennifer and Chrissy, who play trumpet in the high school and middle school bands, respectively.

An advocate of the district's music program, Hardock had his own orchestra for 26 years, playing 130 shows a year in the area. He said the committee was formed for the prosperity of Pottsville's music program.

Although committee members were not told the donor's identity, Hardock said the person was from the area.

Late last year, the committee began selling "The Best of the 2005-06 Pottsville Area High School Marching Band" DVDs for $20 to raise funds.

The 1½-hour DVD includes the band's half-time performances from the 2005 season, homecoming, alumni band and parade performances, as well as footage of the football team receiving medals after its appearance in the state championship game.

With proceeds from the sales of the DVDs and other donations, the committee had raised $6,000, Hardock said. The money will be distributed to district music students according to need once the four-man committee starts hearing requests. Right now, building the fund is the main objective.

"Our goal is to raise $1 million in 10 years," Hardock said.

Hardock also said donated used instruments would be "put to good use" by district musicians.

The DVDs can be purchased at the American Automobile Association, 340 S. Centre St.; the Good-Will Christian Book Store, 310 N. Centre St.; and The Mad Potter, 6 S. Centre St., or by calling Hardock at 449-7777.
Friday, February 10, 2005

Pottsville, PA   October 15, 2005

A great time was had by all.
Photo by: Terry Case
Click Image To Enlarge It.
55th Reunion - 550wide
SIXTH ROW:   Lou Paparazo, Richard Knowlton, Neil Keihm, William Davis, Joseph Rakiewicz
FIFTH ROW:   William Coulson, Donald Bevan, Leon Grickis, Robert Reiley, Thomas Xedeas, Joan Moore Maher, Ralph Phillips
FOURTH ROW:   Jeanne Rich Luckenbill, Janet Cody Swartz, Joan Williams Williams, Dale Ward, Betty Yeager Dunkel, Jack Johnson, Edward Woodward, Emma Lou Lynn Howe
THIRD ROW:   Rose Majeskie Campbell, Valerie Gwozdecki, McCarter, Annetta Harrison Manhart, Pat Brennan Kriza, Shirley Muldowney Morgan, Marie Goodman Geiger, Arlen Day, Barry Zimmerman, Janie Raring Sharshon, Ray Grapsy
SECOND ROW:   John Dillow, Dolores Miscavage Rose, Peggy Ann Dull Freeman, Janice Seltzer Lessley, Christian Steranko, Joan Deiter Sweeney, Liz Nuss Boyer, Lois Bologna Mengel, Mark Mosolino
FIRST ROW:   Joan Perrot Kupchinsky, Donald Simonds, Dale Fernsler, Joan Jamitis Destefano, William Bainbridge, Charles Tamburelli, Charles Walton, Bob Schuster, Pat Dunbrowney Day, Jack Leffler

By Don Simonds

Please click Don's picture!
_mg_0204don.jpg 328x401

Please click Don's picture!

Denny Hardock
Pottsville, PA   570-449-7777

Dear Alumni:

Next year our great city of Pottsville will celebrate its bicentennial celebration. You may have heard that a non-profit agency was formed to beautify and maintain special projects such as local playgrounds, parks, recreation areas and yearly events that future generations will enjoy. We have taken it a step further.

Through several meetings with Lasting Legacy and the Pottsville School Board, we have developed a plan to continually support MUSIC in our SCHOOLS for future generations. If you would like more information and be a part of "LASTING LEGACY POTTSVILLE MUSIC", please contact Denny Hardock, or 570-449-7777

  Friday, October 28, 2005

Bill Dove
Fort Myers, FL   239-768-5547

Our friend and classmate, Lou Paparazo, just sent me a picture of the acrobatic plane he owns. Perhaps some of you have been lucky enough to have seen him perform in air shows. I remember watching him ski at Split Rock over 50 years ago and that was scary too. (Just kidding Lou.)

Lou previously sent me the following note that I'm sure he won't mind me sharing with everyone:

    "I did retire from the Airshow Profession; but still have my last Aerobatic Experimental Plane, called a Staudacher, which incidentally was Gene Hackman's, I bought it out in California and flew it back east. It took me 12 hours flying time. I'll send a picture if you would like to see it. One seat, big engine, very fast. I should also mention that it only holds 30 gal, and burns 15 per hr. so I made many stops for fuel.."


Engine=Lycoming AEIO 540K   H/P=340@2700rpm
Weight=1400lbs   Speed=252mph   Stall=78mph

Monday, May 30, 2005

Bill Dove
Fort Myers, FL   239-768-5547

Don Simonds just sent me a picture I thought you would enjoy. It was taken when we were in grade school. Don included the following message which I don't think he will mind me sharing with everyone:

    "In Garfield, during the war, we put together our own musical (I guess that would be the correct term) about making our own victory garden for the war effort. We developed the "plot", then wrote lyrics for songs, and miss shimer (sp?), who was the roving music teacher, came around and as we worked out the lyrics, she worked out the tunes on the piano jointly with us. We were then assigned roles (I was a raindrop -- a drip even then) and our parents made costumes for us. We put on the musical on the Patterson Junior High Stage, where this photo was taken."

If you have and old picture you would like to share with everyone, please e-mail me a copy and I'll include it for you.

Click Here for a larger version of the picture.
VictoryGardenfull50.jpg 650x510

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Hilburt Umpleby
Marion, PA  

Dear Class Members: I grew up in Pottsville and have many fond memories. I was born in 1912. I graduated in 1930, I grew up on Market St. I am now 92 and would love to hear from anyone that I might have known. I am still driving and I 'am in great shape for the shape I am in! I visit Pottsville often. You can reach me thru my daughter's e-mail address. I would love to hear from anyone! I have a brother Bill Umpleby, sister's Ruth & Peggy Umpleby.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Alfy Burch
Mechanicsburg, PA   717-697-1770

Wonderfull Web site- Although I graduated in 1946 it was interesting to see what happened to all of our underclass(men/women). I don't recall all of you but do remember some. Your Website is great and I wish the class of "46" would have something like this. GREAT WORK.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Bill Dove
Fort Myers, FL   239-768-5547

Thanks to Jeanne Luckenbill for sending me a good looking group of classmates to put on our website. The picture was taken of Memorial and Reunion committee members that gathered for dinner on June 6. She said the meeting was fun but due to rain they served dinner inside at Green Valley C.C. in Sinking Spring.

LF. to Rt. - Front row: Shirley Muldowney Morgan, Peggy Ann Dull Freeman, Jeanne Rich Luckenbill, Joan Williams, Pat Dumbrowney Day

LF. to Rt. - Back row: Jack Williams, Mark Mosolino, Arlen Day, Bill Davis, Lois Bologna Mengel, Rita Davis, Gene Freeman, Emma Super Bevan, Don Bevan, Don Simonds, Mary Jane Sharshon.

Bill Dove
Fort Myers, FL   239-768-5547

Today Jim & Roxine Archbald, Jay & Dorothy Smith and Wanda and I met at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Fort Myers and enjoyed a nice lunch together. This is getting to be an annual event for us. We plan to do it again in December. I thought many of you would enjoy a picture of our little group.

If you have some pictures you would like to have included in our Guestbook, please e-mail me the pictures and what you want to say in the Guestbook and I'll create the entry for you.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004 - The Lighthouse Restaurant
Left to right: Wanda  -  Jay  -  Dorothy  -  Jim  -  Roxine

Gary L. Kremer
Middletown, PA   717-944-4149

Hi: Your website is outstanding. My mother is from Pottsville & my father is from Schuylkill Haven. I've been involved in family genealogy for the past two years. Your itinerary is an excellent teaching forum for grasping the family life & history within a given area. All details are important in one way or another. Thanks for assembling such fine workmanship for all to enjoy. Gary Kremer

Friday, February 27, 2004

POTTSVILLE, PA   570-622-6537

Dear Classmates,

Since I am kind of new to all this, please be kind and bear with me. My instructor Jack Fanelli (age 10) has been a big help since I finally got into the 20th century with this. Anyway, this has been a long cold winter here in Bosinia, but I still ski, which makes it more fun. Hello to all, stay in touch. Caio, Lou.

Lou "Louie" is well known because of his interests in so many activities. He takes an active part in the Dramatic Club and is an officer of our choirs . . . greets everyone with a big friendly smile. "Louie" plans to further his education at our own Penn State Center. Our best to you, "Louie"
Sunday, February 08, 2004

Beckie McElhaney
Conway, AR  

Thanks for such an interesting look back. I enjoyed your site very much.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Emma Acheson
Beaverton, OR   503-827-0729

Hey! I thought this was a very cool site! I was doing research for a paper and this website helped me so much!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Pat Meusel
Nashville , TN  

When I was a child growing up in Minersville, I loved when we'd have company. I'd sit under the kitchen table and listen to all the stories from years gone by - my aunts, uncles, relatives, friends just downing coffee and smoking and reminiscing about things and places I'd never heard about. This site reminded me of that time. Thanks.

Friday, August 08, 2003

Wilson Freeze
Rolla, MO   573-341-7364

Hi Classmates!

I began to look at my calendar and suddenly realized that the year is already half gone. It seems as though time is running faster and I am running slower all the time. That is a combination that I do not relish. The song "One Day At A Time" seems to be my theme song in the autumn of my years. I wanted to wish all of you good health, happiness and a sense of rich satisfaction in your daily lives. Our past together becomes easier to remember now than it did in earlier years. It is the day to day chores and tasks that become harder and harder to remember. May God bless you and bring you peace in this new century. Sincerely, Wil'

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Mary Jane Sharshon
Cockeysville, MD  

On June 1, 2003, two senior students of the PAHS Class of 2003 were presented $500 each as the selected recipients of our Class of 1950 Spirit Awards.

Katelyn Lewis will attend Wilkes University in the fall majoring in Psychology. Her activities were SADD, Astronomy Club, Key Club and Choir.

Chad Bartholomew will major in Criminal Justice at Elizabethtown University this fall. Besides being Treasurer of his Class, Chad was active in Key Club, Student Council, Soccer and Volleyball.

The members of the PHS Class of 1950 extend their congratulations and best wishes to Katelyn and Chad as they pursue their future goals in the humanitarian fields of service.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Ronald E. Lee
Greensboro, NC   336-656-5374

Hi, class of 1950, What a great web-site you guys have. I'm jealous. My name is Ronald E. Lee, and I'm the only brother of Joyce Lee Bobbs. I'm a 1955 graduate of PHS. I live in Greensboro, NC, and I have a sister Ruby Lee Angst who lives in Feasterville, PA. I still miss my big sister, Joyce. She had a big heart. Her daughter, Bonnie DiCello, lives in Pottsville, and you can see her at Yorkville Drug where she is the pharmacist. Joyce's son, Art Bobbs III, lives in Jersey Shore, PA, and is a broker with Merrill-Lynch in Williamsport. I'm a retired high school math teacher and tennis coach. Hats off to the class of 1950 !!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Bill Dove
Fort Myers, FL   941-768-5547

Thanks to Janie (Raring) Sharshon for sending me a picture that appeared recently in The Pottsville Republican. It is shown below.

kick football

Mary Jane (Raring) Sharshon
Cockeysville, MD  

On June 2, 2002 at the Class Day Exercise, our PHS Class of 1950 Spirit Awards were presented to two senior students: Lauren Shanoskie and Jeffery Martin.

Lauren will attend Moravian College majoring in Criminal Psychology. Her activities at PAHS included Choir, Sketch Club and Leo Club.

Jeffery will attend West Chester University where he will major in Nursing. While in PAHS, Jeffery was active in Choir and Alethea Club. In his note of appreciation, he expressed his sincere gratitude for our kindness and generosity and the appreciation by both his family and himself. He also wrote of being honored to receive our award especially because of its significance and meaning to him. His goal is to become a nurse anesthetist; thus, our Spirit Award will be used to further his education for that purpose.

Jeffery's written words signify to us that here is one student who deserves our interest during the next 4 years to reassure him of our support and encouragement. He resides at 10 N. Wolf Street in Pottsville.

David J. Nicastro
State College, PA   (814) 235-7546

Hello, My name is David J. Nicastro. I'm one of Joyce Womer Nicastro's children. One of her set of Twins. I can't tell you what a suprise it was to be doing family research and see my mother's picture. I just wanted to thank you for that. She died on July 4, 1984 not 1986. But that's not a big deal. Your website is very well done and I spent a good long time looking over it. The football picture in the photo album had some family memories too.

Saturday, June 01, 2002

Bill Dove
Fort Myers, FL   941-768-5547

Thanks to Don Simonds, who scanned a picture from the Pottsville Republican, here is a picture of our favorite football team in case you missed it when it appeared in the newspaper.

Feshmen Fottball Team

"Jim" Freeman
Pine Grove, PA   570-345-0466

This is a change of address due to 911.

James A Freeman
5 Windy Lane
Pine Grove, PA 17963-9202

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Carolyn Julian Hofmann
Hackettstown, NJ   908-835-8588

Just stopping by to say hi and to let you know our new address, we are back to being Northerners again, happily!

Sunday, October 14, 2001

William Dreu
Vista, CA   760/945-4516

There may be a sequel to our book, the next fifty years. I've been in touch with Helen Balansky, you remember that skinny blond, she wants to make the effort on getting her class of 1951 involved in writing their memoirs. Helen's phone number is 908/272-8576, Cranford NJ or NYC area. You should read what she has to say about her last 50 years! Interesting if not intriging.

Friday, October 12, 2001

Karl Scheeler
St.John's,  NF  Canada

Hello all,

I came across your site today and saw my father's picture. I think it is very kind of you to remember my father (Adam. L. Scheeler) in this way.

Thank-you all,

Karl G Scheeler

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

Helen Grace
Mandaluyong (Metro-Manila),   Republic of the Philippines

hi its nice to be here i am proud to be one of you, bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2001

(Webmaster's note: Recognizing Helen's location as a place near where he used to work in Manila, Don Simonds contacted Helen Grace to try to clarify her entry and determine if she once attended Pottsville High. He learned that she is a student in the Philippines, and it appears that her comment was simply intended to refer to that fact and not that she went to Pottsville High. In a subsequent exchange, Helen indicated that she likes to search for past hobbies to compare them to the "GenXer's" hobbies, and asked how they differ. We are pleased she took the time to let us know she visited the site from half way around the world. Perhaps some of you would like to respond to Helen regarding the hobbies of our earlier days.)

Janie (Raring) Sharshon
Cockeysville, MD  

The PAHS Class of 2001 held its Class Day Exercises on Sunday, May 27th. On June 13th, a letter and the Class Day Exercises booklet, sent by the Principal of PAHS, Charles R. Wagner, arrived advising of the recipients for the Class of 1950 Spirit Awards. They are: Brad Bensinger and Sarah Bulino.

Brad's note of appreciation was written on June 1st whereby he wrote: "I am honored and pleased at receiving this Award. I am attending Millersville University in the fall and will be majoring in psychology. I am looking forward to my future as a psychologist. I hope to make a difference in many people's lives. Thank you very much." Brad's activities in PAHS were Concert and Marching Band.

Sarah's thank you note, which arrived also on the 13th, read: "Thank you very much for your Award. It was very unexpected and very surprising. However, I am very thankful. I was very honored to stand on the stage at PAHS and receive your award. The money will be put towards school at Mansfield University where I plan to study psychology. I am very excited. Thank you again very much." Sarah was active in Choir and Spanish Club.

As expressed at our 50th Reunion, the surprise and appreciation of our recipients is what makes our Spirit Awards so special.

There are only two other PHS classes that give awards on Class Day -- The Class of 1935 Memorial Fund to a student with an interest in Computer Technology, and The Class of 1998 Attendance Award.

Our PHS Class of 1950 is very unique. Besides raising funds which produce earnings from which the Class is able to give 2 Spirit Awards each year, there is our Classmate William Dreu's book   "GROWING UP IN POTTSVILLE, 1932-1950"   that helps all of us to remember and appreciate those wonderful years of our lives.

Saturday, June 16, 2001

William Dreu
Vista, CA   760/945-4516

(Webmaster's note: The following is from Gabbie's book, "Growing Up In Pottsville, 1932 - 1950".   You can access his complete book via the link at the top of this page. It is fun to read and guaranteed to bring back a lot of wonderful memories. Bill Dove)

(Webmaster's note: The following is from Gabbie's book, "Growing Up In Pottsville, 1932 - 1950". You can access his complete book via the link at the top of this page. It is fun to read and guaranteed to bring back a lot of wonderful memories. Bill Dove)

Time is coming up fast as the school year ends. High school seniors, believing they are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel never thought graduation day would come. Members of the Class of 1950 know the feeling. We share these moments with you.

It was twelve years since we started down this road. As graduation approached the countdown began. In the last days we are filled with enthusiasm. There are no "down" days only "up" days, as we charge around as if it was our first days of school. We treat everybody nice and they treat us nice! No enemies, no hard feelings, only friends and friendly moments. Beneath it all, eyes are misting. This was a time of signing yearbooks and reflecting with our closest friends. Getting the Class Annual was equivalent to an alarm bell. We recognized that soon our days at PHS would be over. We selectively got comments in our yearbooks from those we wanted to remember; of course some of us ran around indiscriminately getting as many comments and signatures as we could, like autograph hounds! Members of the classes following us shared our pleasures and willingly signed our yearbooks. Had a cataclysmic event taken place, we would not have noticed; that's how "high" we were. It was a great feeling looking toward graduation day.

We had our wild guys. In the morning hours after the Senior Prom, Richard Knowlton, Paul Ney, Neil Keihm, and Wilson Freeze, still dressed in their tuxes, boarded the train to Philadelphia at 1:00 A.M., making sure the conductor didn't see them. They were going to visit a relative. They never saw the relative but by 5:00 A.M., hungry with little money, it was time to come home. They arrived just in time for morning assembly still in their tuxes to the amazement of classmates. Principal Miles Kiehner was not amused, threatening to withhold graduation certificates. In another display of wildness at the Class Banquet several classmates lit up after dinner, anticipating the guest speaker. That did not go over well with Dean of Boys Tubby Allen, who got lit up too, declaring there is "no smoking in the cafeteria!" following quickly with, "you ain't graduated yet!"

What was "normal teenage" behavior in those days? We were responsible and accountable. We respected each other, our elders, and particularly our teachers. We were confident, arrogant - we had all the answers, and looked forward to a college education or beginning careers in the work place; we were unafraid of what the future might bring. We were loyal Americans, filled with pride and honor for our country. We had a sense of religion and knew the importance of religion in our lives. We appreciated being lucky and alive, and we knew how fortunate we were to have grown up during the times we did. Drugs were never our problem although some of us smoked or took on a few beers; that was the worst of our vices. We were mature young adults!

Graduation. Some say, "finally." Others say, "we are beginning, we are looking for the light at the end of the next tunnel." Ending or beginning, one thing is for certain, it's over for us at Pottsville High School.

After graduation the summer is filled with mixed emotions. Our journey of twelve years was now complete. "School" provided us with a sense of "order" in our lives. We realize our school days sheltered us from the outside world. Practically everything in our lives rotated around "going to school and classes." Upon graduation the "order" was gone from our lives; what to do next produced mixed feelings. I got the feeling that on the day after graduation, we had "walked the gang plank." We were in the ocean by ourselves and no one to help us! It was sink or swim.

In retrospect, after fifty years, what if time machines could take us back to 1938, our first year of school, what would we do differently in our second lives? What lessons would we have done differently? It is amazing that we see the "train wrecks" in our lives only after they happen. Is there nothing then, which can be passed on to those who follow after us? The answer is yes, it is the basis of our heritage.

Our graduation was only the beginning of a new journey of the next fifty years. That journey could only be chronicled in another book. Now, in year 2000, how do we reflect upon those days of fifty years ago? Perhaps the message in 2000 is the same. "Finally" with a sigh of relief after all these years, "it is over."

Monday, May 14, 2001

Wilson G. Freeze
Rolla, MO   573-341-7364

Hello Fellow Classmates,

I want to thank everyone for the many get well cards, the letters, and the phone calls. I have been out of action, so to speak, commencing with what I thought was an attack of appendicitis but turned out to be a ruptured capillary on the exterior sheath of my right kidney. Since I have been on the blood thinner, Coumadin, I bled excessively and it was a struggle for the hospital to stop the internal bleeding. Thank God I am now on the road to recovery but the doctors all say the same thing, "Patience."

Again, I am most grateful for your concern for me. I thank you for your prayers. It is comforting to know you are remembered when you have been so close to death. I will not forget. Love, Wilson

Saturday, May 05, 2001

Janie (Raring) Sharshon
Cockeysville, MD  

Yesterday, Don Simonds, Rose (Majeskie)Campbell and I completed the annual letter for mailing, so look for the envelope to reach you this coming week. (March 5-9th). The letter will tell of the success in raising additional funds for the Memorial Fund, and in the sale of the 50th Reunion Memorial Book produced by Bill Dove. Also mentioned is the sale of William Dreu's book about Growing Up in Pottsville and that a few copies are still available. As stated in the Annual Letter, the weekend event was memorable, meaningful and exciting. May all of you who attended hold those memories dear to your heart, and for those of you unable to attend, may reviewing the photos that are here on this class website enable you to feel that you were with us--in heart and spirit. My regret runs deep for not having had chance to visit with many of you and for not placing an entry in this Guestbook after the Reunion.

The Committees shall continue to remain in touch with you periodically and w! ill advise you of any plans for future events.

Take care and know my fondest wishes for your well being are with you all.

Love, Janie

Tuesday, March 06, 2001

Marie (Gerace) Nocket
Palmyra, PA  

I am a graduate of 1951 and hope that someone creates a web page as nice and interesting as yours for our class. I enjoyed browsing thru it and am looking forward to "our" 50th reunion in September of 2001.

Friday, February 16, 2001

tom mcgovern
key largo, FL   305 367 2155

october to may at the ocean reef club, key largo, florida. (305 367 2155) summer at rehoboth beach, delaware. (302 227 7444) in the area, call. ... enjoyed the reunion ... much too short. always available for golf. enjoyed the, much too short, reunion. how about a florida reunion or a florida golf event? i play almost every day without improving.

Sunday, January 28, 2001

Chris Leffler
Moses Lake, Wa   USA

Sorry I couldn't make 50th. My wife (Pat) was very ill at the time, and the Dr. would not allow her to travel. She wanted me to come alone, but I wouldn't come without her. We hope to get back there in the spring. Hope to see some of you.

Tuesday, December 26, 2000(EST)

William Dove
Fort Myers, FL   941-768-5547

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

to all my classmates!!!

Monday, December 18, 2000

Don Simonds
Kensington, MD   301-946-1353

What an extraordinary 50th Reunion we enjoyed this past September! Many thanks to the Reunion Committee! To all those with whom I had a chance to chat, what a pleasure! To all those whom I missed (there was so much going on), my apologies and sincerest regrets. We want to see all of you (and more) back for the 55th, so please take good care. For the present, I wish all of you and yours a blessed and joyous Holiday Season, and a New Year filled with good health, rewarding success, comforting peace, and much happiness.

Monday, December 18, 2000

ARLINGTON, VA   703 931 0201




Thursday, November 09, 2000

Jim Freeman
Dunnellon, FL   352-489-9878

To the "Committee" thank you very much for working so hard and providing a finest class 50th reunion. We are now settled down back in Florida enjoying a new class picture and a fifty year old yearbook. What a life. Thanks again "Committee"

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

ARLINGTON, VA   703-931-0201


After 50 years our day has finally arrived.

It will be great to see and talk to one and all as we mingle.

As I look around the room and to my amazement I found

our classmates are still the same

with just a few gray hairs and some added pounds.

The laughter and expressions will never change

and that is good to see because without them it wouldn't be the class of 1950.

We morn the loss of classmates that are not here today,

but we know they would say

"Laugh, have a good time and drink one for me

because I too am a member of the class of 1950!


To our advisors Sara and Pete, a toast.

To one and all, the best darn class

to walk down the P.H.S. halls.


 (A poet I am not)

 Bobby Schuster



(Wherever you are!)



Friday, October 13, 2000

Jack Hampford
Trumbull, CT   203 268-9070

To Don Bevan and the Reunion Committee: Thank you for a great job organizing our 50th Class Reunion. I'm sure everyone had a wonderful evening. I can't wait for our 55th!

Wednesday, October 04, 2000

Janet Cody Swartz
Newark, DE   302-747-8574

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to thank the reunion committee for a terrific job done on the 50th reunion. It was the best!!! Also a thank you to Janie, Don Simonds, Bill Dove and all the others who worked to make it the best ever. Best wishes and good health to all till we meet again.

Sincerely, Janet

Monday, September 25, 2000

Carolyn Julian Hofmann
Surfside Beach, SC   843-215-3487

Hi Everyone, Just want to tell the committees how much we appreciate the work and effort that went into the great success of our reunion. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was to see everyone, and my only regret is that I have let all these years pass by without any contact with all my old friends(forgive the old part) you know what I mean. It was also great to meet their great spouses too. I made a resolution to not let time pass me by again. Love ya all Carol

Monday, September 25, 2000

William Dove
Fort Myers, FL   941-768-5547

Please note Laurel Jane Maley Womer's message below on August 25th about surgery that was planned for August 28th. Thanks to Jean Laino for the following e-mail message that provides great news about Laurel Jane: "All is well with Laurel Jane. She is sitting up but still in intensive care. Expects to be moved this coming Thursday, and hopefully home by the end of the week or the early part of next week. At the present time Laurel Jane is in Hahnemann Hospital, University Hospital, 245 No. 15th St., Phila, PA 19102."

Tuesday, August 29, 2000

PeggyAnn Freeman (Dull)
Allentown, PA   610 740-3866

Hi to all fellow classmates. It has been great reading all the comments from everyone. My hubby Gene & I returned to Allentown & moved back to our former house..we had been living in a small town outside of Atlanta, Ga. since we married in 1981. Of course I flew to Allentown anytime there was an airline fare sale..both my children married & settled in A`Town so we are happy to be "home" again. I did manage tho to attend most of the Memorial Co. meetings & get-togethers...great times with great people! We are looking forward to the reunion & hope to see lots of folk that we've missed thru the years & always like to be with our friends. A million thanks to all the people that have contributed to & made this site possible. See you soon, PeggyAnn,

Monday, August 28, 2000

Laurel Jane Maley Womer
Levittown, PA   215 946-7239

Hi Everyone....I'm at my friend's home...Jean Laino and she has said to feel free to send me an E mail to her and she will see that I receive it. Some of you already know that Aug. 28th I will be in Hahnemann Hospital, Phila. for an aorta valve replacement....also have a leaking mitrial valve which hopefully they won't have to do anything to that. I have been looking forward to our Reunion but kind of close to really hope to be there, but still in back of head, even if just for Sat. celebration. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I'm not ashamed to admit I'm chicken. Want to tell you how much I've enjoyed this evening seeing what you have done with your website....Fantastic, everyone connected deserves our thanks. Would love to hear from all of you while recuperating. My home address is 26 Vista Rd., Levittown, Pa.19057 Fondly, Laurel Jane

Friday, August 25, 2000

maley Laurel's ambition in life is to be a private secretary, but her chief interest and pastime is singing. (Why not follow that up, "Lalee"?) She is one of Mr. Haviland's pride and joys . . . contributed a great deal to the HI-S-POTTS, Hone Ec. Club, Current Events Club, and Allied Youth.

Janie (Raring) Sharshon
Cockeysville, MD  

A special "HI" to all my classmates! With the upcoming 50th Reunion celebration in September, we are hopeful you will be able to attend its activities--to enjoy sharing this special time with your fellow classmates--after 50 years! It promises to be a fun and memorable weekend for already 80 classmates have registered to attend! May I have the opportunity to talk with each and everyone of you at the Reunion--to share a hug, a laugh, perhaps a cry, but also a chance to hear of your experiences during the past 50 years.

After 10 years of endeavoring to establish contact with all the classmates, we now have current addresses for everyone in the Class. Each year via our yearly letter, you have received information on the status of the Memorial Fund, the recipients of the Spirit Awards and of those classmates lost during the past year. We are hopeful that this yearly contact has stirred an interest in you to want to think back into your past of old friends at PHS and to want to step forward to be with us to celebrate our 50th Reunion. These past 10 years have enabled me to strive to make our PHS Class of 1950 special. Thank you for supporting the Memorial Fund, for by remembering your lost classmates and the purpose of the Fund, the Spirit Awards have grown in value and thus we have been able to offer financial support to new graduates of PAHS, encouraging them to pursue their future career goals. The function and purpose of the Fund shall continue to be my top priority.

May this website be another way to communicate with each other--may there be new entries enabling us to reach out to other classmates. To those who are unable to be with us in September, please know that you will be with us in spirit.

Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Stephen J Fenedick
Glendale, AZ   623-516-1679

Hello everyone, I am really impressed with the website and in time for the 50th reunion. Many thanks to WTD, Janie and Don Simonds for a great job. What a great way to keep in touch. I hope to see everyone at the reunion in Sept.

Monday, August 07, 2000

Fenedick "Steve" took the retail course in his senior year. He is an all-around sportsman with swimming, baseball, and football as his paramount interest. "Steve" could always be depended upon to have the job finished right the first time. He is anxious to enter a diesel school where he will learn to be a first-rate mechanic.

Janet Cody Swartz
Newark, DE   302-737-8574

Hi Everyone....Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion. It seems just like yesterday that we were in high school. Time sure does fly by. Being a member of the Memorial Committee I do manage to see a few of you from time to time and really enjoy our time together. I was saddened to hear about the passing of Paul, it was always a joy to be in his company. See you in September. (that's the name of a song isn't it)? My best to all.

Monday, July 17, 2000

Janet Cody "Yokel" seemed to be the backbone of the Mt. Hope gang. Janet proved to be an excellent captain for this year's cheer-leaders. She is able to accomplish any task with a minimum of effort and a maximum of result. We will remember Janet long after she leaves P.H.S.

Joan Jamitis Destefano
Minersville, PA   570-544-4138

Hi everyone. Just finished reading the new entries and the old ones. We have three daughters. No grandchildren. Two live in D.C. and the third lives with us. Looking forward to the reunion and seeing a few classmates that I haven't seen since 1950. Also looking forward to the tour of the High School--didn't take it the last time. The last two years we've been going to concerts that are held there. Didn't get lost, but had to think how to get to the balcony. Are you aware that there is an elevator now? Guess that will be all for now.

Thursday, July 13, 2000

Joan Jamitis Another one of our quiet girls, Joan was the pride and joy of any teacher . . . a good student, Joan was always prepared for anything . . . really represented Marlin well in P.H.S. She plans to become a "steno." To our "Joanie," it's all the best.

Janie Raring Sharshon
Cockeysville, MD  

For those of you who view only the guestbook page, please go to the Memorial Page as there is a new entry telling of the recent passing of our Classmate, Paul (Yogi) Ney on 7/3/00. His funeral service was a "celebration of life"; of a guy who spread his wit, charm and his love of "fun" to everyone around him. REMEMBER HIM ... as the special and unique person he was ... and as the wittiest guy of our Class.

Monday, July 10, 2000

William Dreu
Vista, CA   760/945-4516

Time is standing still. It seems like yesterday we graduated but we all know it was 50 years ago. The reminder is in our physical form which has weathered somewhat. The Reunion is barely ten weeks away and time is not standing still, it is galloping. There will be no greater pleasure than to see all of you again this September. Then we must begin to plan the next Reunion. As long as we put one foot in front of the other we shall continue to walk. But as my daddy told me several times. Stand still and you will start sinking into the ground. He passed away at age 97 so maybe he had something there. God bless you all. William and Yukiko Dreu

Sunday, July 09, 2000

Norma Reber Cokins
Satsuma, FL   (904) 649-8871

Many thanks to all who made this website possible. I enjoyed reading all the news of the classmates but so sorry to see how many have passed away. We retired three years ago and moved as permanent residents to a small community in northcentral Florida. We are enjoying our retirement, boating, swimming and other warm weather activities. I have our reservations in and am looking forward to seeing how different we all look now that 50 years have passed. See you all at the reunion.

Thursday, July 06, 2000

Norma Reber Cokins This tall, stately girl of the Class of '50 distinguished herself as Miss Buxton's capable secretary . . . passes her time roller-skating (is quite good, too!) . . . A good worker, "Doodie" contributed wholeheartedly to her many activities. We shall always be proud to claim her as an outstanding member of a wonderful class.

Mary Ann Messina Machamer
Del City, OK   405-677-5536

Hello, fellow classmates! It has been nice hearing from several of you. I think about many of you from time to time, remembering the "good ole days". I know we won't recognize each other after 50 years! I keep looking at our yearbook and remembering us as we were. I still have hopes of seeing all of you in September!

Saturday, June 03, 2000

Mary Anne Messina Mary Ann likes nothing better than to pound away on a typewriter. She is one of the most sincere, responsible friends we have ever had. Whoever gets her as a typist will get a prize indeed. She is never too busy or too tired to help. We'd like to wish her all the luck to which she is entitled.

William (Bill) Dove
Fort Myers, FL   941-768-5547

To the gang at the Duck, NC meeting, hope you are having a great time. Wish I could be with you.

Don, I have the names of classmates in the Reunion pictures for the 25th, 35th, 40th and 45th Reunions.

Saturday, May 13, 2000

Janie (Raring) Sharshon
Cockeysville, MD  

Two recent entries were made by Don Simonds telling us of the recent passing of two classmates--Tom Hepner and John Suender--both of whom left our class after Jr. High School--and both of whom had expressed their desire to attend our 50th Reunion. Don's biographies of both Tom and Johnny will enable you to know more about them even though their paths had not crossed ours for many years.

Tom Hepner had made four (4) entries into this Guestbook. Please take a moment to read them, particularly his last entry of February 8th whereby he wrote "God willing, I plan to be at the Reunion" and of his loss when having to leaving PHS. Unfortunately, Tom's wish was not to be fulfilled. Perhaps seeing his photograph will help you to remember him! It is shown with his first entry dated September 14, 1999. If ever there was a classmate most in need and desire to be with us this September, it was Tom. Let us forever remember Tom as he remembered us and of his wish--to be with his classmates of the PHS Class of 1950.

Sunday, April 23, 2000

Don Simonds
Kensington, MD   301-946-1353

It was a severe blow to receive an e-mail message on 26 March from the son of Tom Hepner, advising that Tom had passed away on the 23rd in Sidney,Nebraska.

Tom had left Pottsville in our freshman year, moving to the West Coast. Later he had settled in Sydney as a minister, married and divorced,raising 4 children. In October 1997, Joan Deiter Sweeney brought to the attention of Dale Fernsler and myself a Letter to the Editor of the Pottsville Republican, written by Tom, expressing how much he missed Pottsville. Dale got in touch with him, I received his e-mail address and wrote to him, and we brought him back into the Class fold. Tom’s fond remembrance for Pottsville is reflected in his several Guestbook entries and in his e-mail address,

In an e-mail message of 15 February 1999, Tom wrote in part, “As things appear now, I am planning on the reunion. It will have been 53 years since I have seen most of the group and what an eye-opener that will be. Having to leave Pottsville when I did and under the circumstances I did, really left an impression on me. I am sure that those who knew me did not experience the shock of separation like I did and probably most of them don't even remember me, but there has always been an ache, an empty spot inside of me that has never been filled. It in all probability is the desire to return to simpler times when all you had to worry about was where we were going to get enough guys to play ball! Being separated from them at that point sort of locked them all in a time warp to which we can never return, and having lost contact with them, the memories are long of tooth! Will be interesting to say the least.”

Then on the 15th of September 1999, Tom e-mailed, “Sorry I have been so long touching base but I have been sick and I mean really sick. First my blood pressure was high and medication was not the answer, then tests were run and one of my kidneys was not working so surgery to remove it was done. Returned home for about a week when on a very hot day I had to call the paramedics to my office. Taken to hospital here then transferred to one that did the surgery... Then a bunch of tests and concluded inner ear infection, loss of balance, dizziness constant; hard to walk, control missing of arms and legs, spent two weeks in hospital then about 10 days in rehab... Still be about three weeks to recover fully but am back to work part time for awhile.”

On 24 October Tom wrote, “Am feeling better but not complete...part of me feels good but the other part, left side, has a numbness that I see the doctor about Wednesday... Am still able to get around pretty good, do some walking, light exercise, but that is all... Looking forward to the reunion. It will be nice to meet you and see some old friends (if they remember). I really missed graduating with the class and looked at the yearbook often so kept some memories alive. Then my frequent vacations to the East also kept alive my other memories. Miss the old place.”

Then on 8 February 2000: “Doing a little better though still weak. Sure looking forward to the reunion.” The sad blow came on 26 March in the e-mail from Tom’s son, Nathan: “It is with a sad heart that I tell you that my dad, Tom, died on March 23 in Sidney, Nebraska. He was alone in his office at the church and had a heart attack or stroke. He was discovered about 2:30 Friday afternoon by one of the members of the church.”

Tom was buried on 28 March, following a ceremony at the 3rd City Christian Church in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Friday, April 21, 2000

Don Simonds
Kensington, MD   301-946-1353

As we noted in the Memorial Committee’s March letter, John Suender passed away on 12 February of this year. John grew up and attended school with many of us in the Yorkville and Garfield Elementary Schools and Junior High, but then left to attend Hebron Academy in Maine, graduating with the Class of 1951. John joined the Army and spent a year in Osaka, Japan, with the Medical Corps, after which he attended Kenyon College and the University of Pennsylvania. In the early 1960’s, he lived in New York City before moving to the West Coast. It was there that he spent most of the remainder of his life, wintering in Southern California and Arizona and spending the summers in the Sierras.

After contacting John in 1990, I was in touch with him from time to time, and lately he had expressed an interest in trying to attend the 50th Reunion. Sadly, it was not to be. On the 15th of April a memorial service was held for John at the Little Chapel in the Charles Baber Cemetery. In attendance were John’s surviving sisters, Sue and Gail, and their husbands, numerous cousins, nieces, and nephews, and old friends of John from his Mahantongo Street days. Paying the respects of the Class were Mary Jane (Raring) Sharshon, Dale and Inge Fernsler, Neil and Dottie Keihm, Jeanne (Rich) and Bud Luckenbill, William and Yukiko Dreu, and myself.

Friday, April 21, 2000

Carolyn Julian Hofmann
Surfside Beach, SC   843-215-3487

Hi Joanie Williams,
I just wanted to tell you that one of my fondest and great memories of our PHS days was when we sang Goodnight Irene to your great mother(no matter what time we dropped you off).

Monday, March 27, 2000

Carolyn Julian Hofmann
Surfside Beach, SC   843-215-3487

Hi everybody!
To Janie, Don, Bill and Rose and all the others who have worked so diligently on our web site, hats off to you, this is so great to be able to hear all about everyone's life and know that HS was great and not just a figment of my imagination.
Talk to you soon.

Sunday, March 26, 2000

William Dove
Fort Myers, FL   941-768-5547

Hey Bob, I think your suggestion (that appears below this entry) to bring something of interest from our high school days is a great idea and I look forward to seeing the Hi Spotts newspapers you saved for 50+ years. I have a 1947 Yearbook that I thought I would bring.

Wanda and I had lunch on Tuesday with Jay Smith and his wife. We haven't seen each other since High School. He lives near me in Fort Myers but we didn't know it until a few months ago. Needless to say if we had passed each other on the street we would not have recognized one another. I had the 1947 Yearbook with me and it was fun looking at it with Jay and remembering lots of classmates.

Thursday, March 23, 2000

ARLINGTON, VA   703 931 O2O1



Wednesday, March 22, 2000

William T. Dove
Fort Myers, FL   941-768-5547

As you will notice below there has been quite a drop in entries to the Guestbook. From the statistics that are maintained it appears that many classmates are frequently checking the page for new entries but no one is contributing anything new. To contribute to the page, just click the link above that says "Click Here To Access The Guestbook Entry Form" and then fill out the form that appears. This Guestbook has great potential for all of us to communicate with one another but we really are not taking advantage of it.

Monday, March 06, 2000

Tom Hepner
Sidney, NE   308-254-4851

Hi Everyone,
Not sure if anyone remembers me, but I was a member of the class of '50 in 1946 then I moved to the west coast for the next 17 years, then all over. I remember, with some fear, the first year at PHS. The study hall looked so big. I remember the freshman choir singing, "Old Lamp Lighter" but don't remember performing it. Maybe we weren't good enough!! LOL I hated to leave. I made plans to return and live with my grandmother but after moving back, getting ready to start football practice, it all fell apart and I went back to the west. How sad it was for me, because I missed a real part of my life. I went to a high school that was just a three year school with about 2500 students. After graduation from there, not really knowing anyone, I attended Harbor Junior College, played football and ping-pong, graduating in 1953. From then on my life has been one long circle of school, marriage and travel. I am so appreciative of Don for again giving me access to the web site. I had it before but when I upgraded to '98, I lost the address and no matter what I tried, nothing worked. I really missed it, going to it about every other day to see who wrote what. Then I got an e-mail from Don, (thanks again) and was able to get the address from him and get back to reading the neat "Words" from all of you. Don very graciously invited me to the reunion as a "partial" member of the class of '50 and I accepted readily. I just wish there was some way I could make up for what I missed. Sitting in assembly in the balcony as a freshman was scary, looking down and seeing all the seniors and knowing that someday I would be there and the freshmen would be looking down at me (us). Well, it just didn't happen and I am the loser because of it. I guess I am among the several that are still working but, God willing, I plan to be at the reunion. If anyone is interested, I have a web site under construction at, if you would like to see what I do. Looking forward to seeing all of you but especially a few.

Sunday, February 13, 2000

Jennifer L. Carestia (Moser)
Palo Alto, PA  

Hello Class of 1950!! I was a recipient of the 1950 Spirit Award when I graduated from PAHS in 1994. Let me just take this moment to thank you for the award! It really helped me start getting ready for college. A few things have changed, though. I transferred to Penn State University and graduated in May 1999 with a B.S in secondary education-math option. I am currently in the job search while substituting at PAHS. I was married over the summer to Roman Carestia, PAHS Class of 1992. This website is amazing and I hope our class takes a pointer from you and creates one! Thank you again for the award! God bless you all!!!

Thursday, February 03, 2000 at 16:36:24 (EST)

Dale Fernsler
Wilmington, DE   (302) 239-6375

Hi Classmates of 1950! Had fun with quiz and reminiscing. Am enjoying my 11th year of retirement, european travels, senior citizen bus trips and a new granddaughter Hannah. My son and daughter-in-law adopted her from Russia this Spring. She keeps Inge and me busy. Look forward to seeing everyone at the 50th.

Sunday, January 30, 2000

Dale Fernsler The "whiz" can always be seen with a broad, cheery smile . . . spends most of his time at the movies ~ well, how about that! Dale has no definite plans for the future; he just wants to have a good job. With such a fine disposition, you surely will get that desire!

Don Simonds
Kensington, MD   301-946-1353

We had hoped to see a lot of activity on this Guestbook, but frankly it hasn't happened, and we wonder why. Our statistics indicate quite a bit of activity to the site as a whole, and even indications that some have accessed the Guestbook entry page, but then have not left a message. Further, we have good information that several classmates have looked at the site and have enjoyed it, but then haven't signed in. (I could be nasty and name names, but I won't.) (:-) We're curious why not. Shyness? Certainly not from this group. Lack of interest? If so, please tell us candidly why, and how we can improve the site. We would prefer that you put your comments, suggestions, criticisms here for general reading and reaction (it can start a good dialogue), but if you'd rather not, for whatever reason, please e-mail them to me, or to Bill Dove, or both of us. In the meantime, I hope that all of you are making plans to attend the 50th in September. In that regard, the Reunion Committee is meeting and firming up plans at this time, and we will provide you with all the latest information on this site as it occurs. Also, the annual letter from the Memorial Committee will be coming out in March with the latest information available at that time. If you move, or are aware that a classmate has moved, please let us know. We don't want to lose track of any of you. I pray that all of you are off to a fine start in the New Year.

Take good care. -- Don

Sunday, January 30, 2000

Robert J Sherry
Clearwater, FL   727-596-6837

Hello fellow alumni of old PHS
I'm not sure I'm supposed to do this! but I'm from the class of "51" with a great many friends in the 1950 class. Too many to list! I also attended your 45th. reunion just to see several of you people and enjoyed it tremendously.
I'm enlisting your help in locating your classmate "Joe Fox". We have been in touch since we served in Korea. Recently he moved from Pueblo,Co to Denver, and now I can't contact him. If anyone has his new address or telephone number; please call me collect at 727-596-6837. Thank you very much.
Bill Dove and I were neighbors on N.20th St. ( Bob Gerber lived across the street). Bill visited my wife and I back in the late "50" and we stayed somewhat in touch until about 30 years ago. Thanks to Don Simmons and his wonderful staff, Bill and I will get together in Clearwater,FLA. some time soon after the New Years; God willing.
To all of you great people, a belated Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year! Bob Sherry

Tuesday, December 28, 1999

Betty J. Camodeca Hardock
Edgewater, FL   904-427-7125

Do any of you out there remember when we walked the halls of PHS one Christmastime (and I can't remember what grade we were in) but the chorus rehearsed - and rehearsed - and rehearsed for their Christmas performance??? Well, every year at this time, I can still hear their renditions of "Silent Night" and "Twas The Night Before Christmas". Especially these two. Did they ever make a tape of that performance? Because I would truly love to have a copy. I'm not sure if it's because they were sooooooo good or because of their unique interpretations of those classics, or because it brings back special feelings of that time in our lives, but I would love to hear it all again. If a tape does exist, I would gladly reimburse anyone who could get a copy for me. I hope y'all (only kidding about the southern accent) had a wonderful Christmas and have a healthy, prosperous, and happy New Year. I think of you all and that special time in our lives a lot.

Sunday, December 26, 1999

William Dreu
Vista, CA   760/9454-4516

I'm wishing everyone season's greetings and very happy to see more and more names appear in the guestbook. Speaking of books, I'm writing one in particular; about us. That's right, about us. In a week or two I'll be sending out snail mail outlining my book. What I am looking for is anecdotes of our growing up years until the summer of 1950; to include what happened to us upon our departure from PHS. So warm up your memories so that they can be included in the book. For example, do you remember getting the preschool shots at Yorkville school? I do and boy do I have a story to tell. Where were you when you first heard about December 7, 1941? Did it make an impression upon your psyche? It did mine. And do any of you remember those songs sang at Patterson during the war? How about the Christmas carols sung by the A Capella choir? Do some walking down memory lane, if you will.

This one is for Betty. What happened to the war memorial that used to be in your front yard? And can you tell me anything about its history? I'd like to include it in the book - thanks.

Oh yes, you might be wondering who the blazes is William Dreu. None other than William Drebushenko if you haven't heard. More later, and remember this is the season to be jolly.

Saturday, December 25, 1999

Shirley Muldowney Morgan
Pottsville, PA   570 622 3568

To one and all of my 1950 classmates

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year!!!


Friday, December 24, 1999

William T. Dove
Fort Myers, FL   941-768-5547


If you don't hear a little Christmas music that started automatically, please turn up the volume on your computer. If you would like to play it again, the control panel is on the top left side of this page.

Friday, December 24, 1999

Don Simonds
Kensington, MD   301-946-1353

To all of you:

Very Best Wishes for the Happiest of Holidays,
and for the Blessings of Good Health, Success,
Happiness, and Love in the New Year.

Thursday, December 23, 1999

Cockeysville, MD   USA



Monday, December 20, 1999

Bobby Schuster
Arlington, VA   703-931-0201

"The Best Four Years Of Our Lives "

On that eventful day back in 1946
When we first walked down the halls, you could hear our shoes go click, click.
Looking for the right classroom to go to and not be late
There stood a teacher that we would be with for the year to love or to hate.
The assemblies were great and we would just stare at the seniors in awe
Because we knew that in 4 years we would be the envy of all.
Remember the dances, football, basketball games too,
The likes of Eddie Dietch towering over you.
Our advisors were keen and sharp and told us what to do,
For who knows someday we would become teachers too.
T.K.D. and Phi Gam were an honor to belong to,
But waiting to get tapped in assembly was a nerve racking process to go thru.
Alas came our Senior year for which never would be the same,
The years have gone by so quickly we wished we had it to do over again.
But as we were standing in line at Graduation time,
A small tear began to form on your face and mine.
As we all looked back and I am sure you will agree,
Thank God for Good Old P.H.S. for you and me.

A poet I am not
Bobby Schuster


Wednesday, December 15, 1999

Dick & Jini Knowlton
Stratford, NJ   856-783-2223

Just a short message to all the classmates on the Web. I had a great time at our meeting in Lancaster with the Memorial group and am looking forward to our reunion in 2000....just seeing you again will be a delightful thrill. From the bottom of my heart and the rest of my short message I want to thank you for being part of my life. May you all have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and GOD be with you. Dick & Jini Knowlton

Sunday, December 12, 1999

Diane Somers Sisko
Pottsville, PA  

Hi! I'm from the PHS Class of 1960 but just wanted to say what a great website. I was a neighbor of Chick Tamburelli's and recognized a few other names and faces. Joyce Lee also lived right up the street from us. Would love to see your site be an inspiration to other PHS classes. Congratulations on a job well done.

Wednesday, December 08, 1999

Jay S. Smith
Sanibel, FL   941-395-2579

1950 Web Site Sums it up

Live Today

I may never see tomorrow, there's no guarantee,
And things that happened yesterday belong to history.

I can't predict the future, I can't change the past,
And I have just the present memories to treat as my last.

I must use this moment wisely, for soon it will pass away,
And be lost forever as part of yesterday.

I must exercise compassion, help the fallen to their feet,
Be a friend unto the friendless, make their life complete.

The unkind things I do today, may never be undone,
And friendships that I fail to win may never more be won.

I may not have another chance on bended knee to pray,
And I thank God with a humble heart for giving me this day!

(Author unknown)

I retired in 1981 after 29 years with FAA. Dot and I spend 6 months in Ohio and 6 months in sunny south. (Snow-birds)

Monday, December 06, 1999

Jay Smith "Smitty" was one of the very faithful workers of the distributive education department. He snaps the snappiest picture in these parts. Besides photography, he enjoys swimming and football. "Smitty" would someday like to be a photographer or a salesman. Maybe he will combine them, who knows???

Carolyn Julian Hofmann
Surfside Beach, SC   843-215-3487

Hi Everyone! It's been a long time, but when I see all the pictures and messages it seems like yesterday that we were all together. Thanks to Bill, Don and Janie I'm back. I really need a rest after all the reading so I'll close for now and talk more later.

Saturday, December 04, 1999

Julian Although being co-business manager of the HI-S-POTTS, "Carol" is frequently seen in the annual room. She is always ready to help others and has a smile for everyone. There were never enough dances and concerts to "Carol's" way of thinking. All of us join in wishing her luck.


Special greetings and THANKS to all who have signed the Class Guestbook! What a joy to read the excitement each of you expressed in learning of the Class web site and what you have experienced these past 49 years! For those of you who wonder how the Memorial Fund's simple! At all the reunions, the knowledge of those lost continued to shock me, so in 1985 I proposed that something be done (not knowing what) to remember our deceased classmates. Proposal was accepted and over $300 was collected. Then 3 years later, Emil Mahall was gone; his passing set in motion the purpose of the 1985 proposal! With the initial help of 8 classmates--Joan (Deiter)Sweeney, Janice (Seltzer)Lessley, Dale Fernsler, Dick Knowlton, Neil Keihm, Joan (Moore)Maher, Joe Rakiewicz, and Joan (Williams)Williams (all of whom have helped the committee in various capacities)--the committee was formed, goals were set, and a structure was established. The rest is history! For us, the wonder gained was the feeling that we're back in PHS again--and this feeling "hits" each classmate who suddenly gets on board! Then Don Simonds and soon other classmates joined us, making a total of 25 members to date. Evidence shows of Don's indelible mark on our growth and organization and in searching out those classmates of unknown addresses. His efforts resulted in new-found friendships and finding all 197 living classmates, the last of which was Bill Dove, the creator and supporter of this web site as his way to say thanks for remembering him when he forgot to stay in touch! Our new members who have contributed "to the cause" are: Rose (Majeskie)Campbell who assists Don with the proofing of the annual letter and computerized address list & with the mailing and other projects, Joan Williams handles committee slush fund, Laurel Jane (Maley)Womer sends cards and writes the "Thank You" notes to contributors and families of deceased, and there's always Dale, Dick and Neil who come up with ideas & plans for the committee meetings, fund raisers, etc., while Joanie (Deiter)Sweeney keeps us informed on the classmates, as does Pat Day. Another member who was very vital in the early development was Liz (Nuss)Boyer who served as liaison between the Committee & PAHS with the display cases, Spirit Awards, and financing through the PAHS Auxiliary. If I forgot to give recognition to anyone, my apology. (For the names of the other committee members, please refer to the Memorial Fund page.) Recently our committee set a goal to increase the Spirit Awards to $500 each which will require raising a lot of money, but whoever thought the Fund would come so far in 10 years, and we as classmates would be so closely linked together--after 49 years! So, anything is possible! For example: this web site! Please continue to view the site and sign the guestbook, telling us of yourself and what has inspired you during the past years--your family, career, memorable experience(s), moments of learning, remembering the good old days in PHS, or even this web site--and give us a chance to know YOU! For those of you who may not be in good health, please let us hear from you so we can send you our messages of "good cheer"! And ... may we all be together again next year to celebrate our 50TH REUNION on September 23, 2000!

Friday, November 26, 1999

Gelda Lee Antokolitz Cook
West Palm Beach, FL   561-689-8841

WOW! I am somewhat overwhelmed after having read through all the beautiful thoughts. It is most exciting seeing messages from so many and having a quiet moment reading the memorials. As someone remarked, I, too, cannot believe 50 years have passed My husband, Jack, and I are looking forward being in Pottsville for the big 50th and will be celebrating our 40th anniversary in July, 2000. Jack, and youngest daughter (age 30), both read through the entire site before me (I was busy cooking Thanksgiving for 10) and could not wait for me to write. All three of our daughters live in the area and we are the proud grandparents of two grandsons for whom I baby sit while their mother teaches part-time. All three of our daughters graduated from different Florida universities, as did my husband and I, so football season is fun. I have lived in Florida continuously since 1953 and get to Pottsville occasionally to visit my family. It surely was a wonderful place to grow up. Jack is the computer person in this household and he is really impressed with this beautiful web site. What a lot of work you all have done. I know Janie has worked tirelessly over the years as evidenced by the wonderful yearly notices I've received, and which I have cherished. I noticed that there are several of us now living in Florida. Perhaps we should have a South Florida mini-reunion! In 1993 I saw Mary Ann Joulwan and Evelyn Rosenkrantz Littman in New York while visiting our youngest daughter, who lived there at the time. Other than that, I have had no contact with anyone other than when we attended the 25th. It seems impossible that it has been 25 years since I saw any of you. I think we should all E-Mail current pictures so we won't be too shocked! The other solution is to have our class pictures as part of our nametags, and, of course, bifocals for everybody! Well, it is 11:00 p.m., and I have been reading and writing longer than I'm sure you want to read, but it is fun to reminisce. I plan to pop in soon again, and again, special thanks to Bill Dove. My E-Mail address is c/o my husband, Jack, as he is at the computer every (I would bold that if I could!) day!

Antokolitz One of the energetic members of our class . . . pleasant, full of fun, and always eager to do her best . . . was a faithful football fan . . . contributed her musical talent to A Cappella and intends to further her music at Ithaca. Will we ever forget those television parties?

Ronald Quinn
Downers Grove, IL   USA

Great idea, Will be there for the 50th reunion. See you soon!

Ronald Quinn We wonder how we ever got along without "Pooch" during our first three years of P.H.S. He was a great asset to our basketball team . . . a good floor man and a sharpshooter. Some of us thought him a bit bashful, but we soon found he was a friendly guy with a smile for all. To U. of P. goes "Barney" with our wishes for success.

Thursday, November 25, 1999

William (Bill) T. Dove
Fort Myers, FL   941-768-5547

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. The letter from the Memorial Fund to all of you was mailed last Saturday so many of you are just now discovering the site and what better day than today to share it with your family and friends. Please take a few minutes to contribute to the Guestbook. This page has been visited 281 times so far this month so you can see your comments will be read by many of your classmates.

Thursday, November 25, 1999

Valerie (Gwozdecki) McCarter
Southern Shores, NC   252 261-7253

Thanks to my son Craig, I was able to visit the website today. I have enjoyed all the messages and want to add mine. I am so thankful that many of you went searching for me 30 years after graduation. I have vowed never to miss another reunion. Even though I was only with you my senior year it was the most wonderful. Renewing friendships with many of you has meant a great deal. I look forward to the Memorial Committee meeting in Duck, NC on the Outer Banks where I live. We'll see you then.

Wednesday, November 24, 1999

Gwozdecki "Val" came into our midst only this year, but she has definitely proven herself to be a worthwhile daughter of P.H.S. in that short time. We wonder what Mr. Haviland would have done without her leadership and beautiful voice. "Val" is going to become a director of choral music.

Betty J. Camodeca Hardock
Edgewater, FL   904-427-7125

I would love to have some of my classmates E-mail me. I have not lived in Pottsville since 1960 and have lost track of EVERYONE !! I have not made it to any of our class reunions, but am really looking forward to our 50th. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT ! Only old people make it to their 50th reunion and that can't possibly include us !!

Tuesday, November 23, 1999

Betty J. Camodeca Hardock Betty was a faithful worker for Mr. Lindeman. It still amazes us just how she mastered her shorthand so quickly. Soft-spoken, easy, and effortless, Betty was able to accomplish things in the most efficient manner. We hope her record in the future will be as splendid as it was in P.H.S.

Jack Hampford
Trumbull, CT   203-268-9070

Hello fellow classmates! Many thanks to Don, Bill and Janie for an extraordinary job in building the web site for the Class of 1950. I've enjoyed reading all of the messages, etc. from our classmates. I'll bet we're one of the few High School classes of our generation that has a web site. I'm probably one of the few classmates that hasn't retired. I'm still running three companies but taking more time to play golf and travel. I'm really looking forward to our reunion in 2000 and to seeing old friends. Best regards to all. Jack Hampford

Tuesday, November 23, 1999

Jack Hampford "Jack" is the type of person who is a delight to know and to work with. Popular, well-liked, hard-working "Jack" really gave his best to all of his many activities. . . did a swell job as our Council vice-president and senior class prexie. Live up to your present reputation, "Jack," and we'll be proud to say, "We knew him when!"

Rose Majeskie Campbell
Rockville, MD   301-770-4055

Hi everybody, what fun to see our class on the internet!! While I saw it during its early "construction" stages, the final product is super, thanks to many hours of e-mails and phone calls between Janie, Don and Bill. Who would have thought in 1950 that we would have such sophisticated technology in 1999 to bring us together?? Let's get together in person at our 50th reunion in September 2000.

Friday, November 19, 1999

Rose Majeskie Campbell Capable leadership will take this all-around girl in leaps and bounds to her goal. "Rosie" made a good start in the business world with the efficiency she showed as Miss Critz's secretary. She needn't even bother with shorthand, for who would not jump at the chance of employing such a highly decorative girl!

ARLINGTON, VA   703 931 0201

A brief rundown on the Schuster family - married 43 yrs. to a great girl from Orwigsburg, Georgine Mengel. We have a son Joe who lives in Atlanta, Ga and is vice president of Wolff Technology System. We have 3 Grandsons; Jackson, Jared and Jamie. My daughter Jennifer is a high school teacher and coach in Arlington, Va.
I am starting my seventh year as a teacher assistant at a middle school 6-7-8 grades in Alexandria, Va teaching social studies, math, and science (can you believe that)? also I am starting my 23rd year as a public address announcer doing college and high school sports in the northern Va area. (football, basketball, baseball, and track) There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of PHS and Pottsville. It sure was a good place to grow up in at the time. We also had some very good teachers. They had to be to teach us. I had a stroke in 1992 (but I am alright now) I think (HA, HA). I can't wait for the big 50th reunion next year and seeing Y'all, we will have a blast. By the way that nickname of "BOOT" was given to me by Em Mahall.

Friday, November 12, 1999

Joe Rakiewicz
Salem, NJ  

The golden years have come at last.
I hope you all enjoyed the past.

One thing I'm sure you will all agree
that as the grads of nineteen fifty,

we had the best of times in school
where we all learned the golden rule.

And you all know-no need to guess,
it had to be at P.H.S.!

Sunday, November 07, 1999

Joseph R.. Rakiewicz "Joe" hails from Mt. Carbon . . . plans to become a chemical engineer . . . was at his best in algebra class . . . proved to be a great follower of all school sports. Being good-natured and obliging at all times, we know "Joe" will keep on making many friends.

ARLINGTON, VA   703 931 0201


Tuesday, November 02, 1999

Bobby Schuster "Boot" has a good start on the road to giving Fred Astaire stiff competition. . . . held the "best boy dancer" title for two successive years. . . . also kept our "Minueters" smiling. He took an active part in the choirs, sports, and many clubs . . . was the prexie of Allied Youth during his senior year. "Bob" is a happy-go-lucky guy and a great asset to our class.

Joan Williams
Timonium, MD   410-252-2982

Hi everyone. We arrived in Hilton Head 10/28/99. The boat is in Slip I-7. If you are in the area our telephone number is 843-785-5321.

Friday, October 29, 1999

Ted and Margaret Struys

Hello 1950 Class ! Don Simonds took us to see the Pottsville High School a few weeks ago while we were in America ! We have 'inspected' all the photos above , but could not find any 'face' vaquely resembling Don ! But we are so glad we saw your High School and its very impressive buildings ! Your Web site is a great idea to keep in touch , and we also will mention this idea to our friends in Australia, and Holland, where Ted had his education. We'll keep in Touch ! Ted/Margaret

Thursday, October 28, 1999

John R. Lazo
Palm City, FL   561/221-9125

Many thanks to Don, Bill and Janie for a great job getting us ready for the 21st century with Internet access. My wife Dottie and I are enjoying retirement with 8-9 months golfing in Palm City and 3-4 in Marblehead, Ohio fishing. As Jim Freeman suggested, a very brief bio includes a BSIE from Penn State (we still go to at least one football game every year) and a career mostly in the Steel Industry and Management Consulting in the US, Europe and South America. A few ideas to consider for our 50th are an informal get together on Friday for dinner and/or for brunch on Sunday, and a golf outing on Saturday at the Schuylkill Country Club or Hidden Valley. Best regards to all.

Saturday, October 23, 1999

John R. Lazo "Johnny," one of our future scientists, shocked us all by saying he really enjoyed chemistry class. John would like to further his education at Penn State and become a great physicist. If John is as good a student in college as he was here, we just know he will succeed.

Kensington, MD   301-946-1353

Some of you have sent me an e-mail in the last few weeks, thanking me for the construction of the Web Site. Your thanks is much appreciated, but to set the record straight, it should be directed properly to the long-lost Bill Dove, the founding technical and witty genius and Resident Webmaster of this masterwork. (Bill, by the way, insists that he wasn’t lost -- we were. After all, he knew where he was all the time. I suppose he has a point there.) My contribution was merely to provide support, materials, and (I thought) helpful suggestions and commentary, for which last effort I earned Bill’s undying gratitude as “The Great Obstructionist”. We hope this site will become a lively vehicle of communication for the Class. That can happen only through your contributions -- through dialogues in this Guestbook page, and comments and suggestions, negative as well as positive (we promise we’ll avoid any name-calling), as the site evolves and is updated. Thanks to help by Chick Tamburelli, we are in the process of obtaining a copyright release for the reunion photos so that we can post them in full on the Reunion page. With the help of Don Bevan and others, we are trying to obtain the dates of decease for those late classmates for whom that information is missing. (If you have any of that information, please advise Bill and me.) At some later time we’ll update the Home page with new photos and “pop-quiz” questions, and with whatever else blossoms from Bill’s fertile mind. Also, watch the “news-ticker” scrolls for 50th Reunion and other brief news from time to time. Next month we will be advising all of the classmates by “snail-mail” of the existence of the site, as well as the High School and the Pottsville Republican. So far we have a record of only about 20 classmates with computers and Internet access, but there must be more, plus some who have access through the computer of an offspring, friendly neighbor, or the local library. So enlighten all the classmates, friends, relatives, and Pottsvillians (did I spell that correctly?) that you’re in touch with, and invite them to sign the Guestbook. We are hoping for a grand turnout at the 50th, and, Good Lord willin’ and the creeks don’t rise (love that down-home humor), I hope to see all of you there.

Tuesday, October 19, 1999

(Notes by Webmaster - Please see entry on 9/12/99 for picture.
Also, Don has grossly understated his efforts in the creation of this site. WTD)

Joan Williams
Timonium, MD   410-252-2982

Hey Jeanne Rich, here I am! Since Jack retired we have been spending the winters in Hilton Head. We're leaving next week October 23rd to go down the Intra-Coastal Waterway. If anyone is down in that area, please drop by at the Shelter Cove Marina. Would love to have some visitors. I really enjoyed browsing your web page, keep up the good work!

Friday, October 15, 1999

Joan Williams "Joanie," known to everyone, seems to have a great interest in the field of sports. She is always ready for a good game of tennis . . . roots constantly for our football and basketball teams. You can always find her dancing to the latest tunes. "Joanie" desires to become an airline hostess.

James A Freeman
Dunnellon, FL   352-489-9878

This web site was a wonderful idea. It will prove to be helpful to a lot of people. I know it will create more interest as time goes by. Maybe this page could include some history of our classmates. It could be part of this form. I will start with me: Spent 3 years in the U.S.Army [1950-1953], worked in laboratory at the Reading Co.[1954]. Went with the Bell of Pa [1955-1990] Retired. Married, one daughter, two grandsons. Hobbies include camping, NFL,Nascar, woodworking and my PC. My wife [Carolyn} and I spend 7 to 8 months each year in Florida. When In PA. we live Washington Twp.

Friday, October 15, 1999

James A Freeman "Birdie," a friendly, likable guy from Greenwood Hill, was known by all. He had the gift of bringing out a laugh wherever he went. "Jim" has the kind of sparkling personality that will surely carry him far along the roads of life, He says his hobby has to do with woodworking. We think he's destined to become a successful carpenter.

Richard Knowlton
Stratford, NJ   856-783-2223

Hello Classmates, I've been on many times to view this wonderful internet program that Bill, Don, and Jane have set up....all our thanks goes out to them with all our hearts. As one of the original 8 people to establish the Memorial Committee, I always look forward to our yearly meetings and the next one to come in November. Also looking forward to seeing everyone at our reunion in 2000. Ring me any time on phone or E-mail. Dick and Jini

Tuesday, October 12, 1999

Richard Knowlton Witty, friendly, and cooperative, "Dick" was an active member of our class. He helped put the senior play across with a bang! Music is "Dick's" greatest interest, as was illustrated when he was a member of the band, A Cappella, and District and State Choirs. We're notifying the Philadelphia Music Conservatory to open their doors for "Dick."

Domie B. Muscara
Las Vegas, NV   702 914 3446

Hello everybody that is going to make it to the 21st century, I never thought I would, but have had a wonderful life. Would be glad to hear from anybody.

Saturday, October 09, 1999

Domie B. Muscara Domie, with his keen interest in auto-racing, well deserves his nickname of "Hotrod." Domie believes speed laws were just made to confuse us. He played an active part in Allied Youth . . . claims he loved all their socials and conventions. Domie is going to Alaska and try his best to become a millionaire.

Bob Gerber
Falls Church, VA   703-532-8760

This Website is a great idea, and I want to thank everyone for a great job well done. Don I'm glad you were able to track down Bill. Bob Sherry and I were wondering where he was hiding. The three of us lived on 20th Street. Bill looking forward to seeing you at our 50th reunion. One suggestion I might make is to put the Test Page on a menu. After the first time into the site you don't want to page down to get to the menu of other items. I think it's a good idea to send out letters to advise classmates of the Website. If the Pottsville Republican has a site maybe they would put a link to our site. If you need a database program of some kind I could write a program for that to run under windows. Don your E-Mail got me off my butt to write in the guestbook. I tried one other time but it could not find the file. Bob Gerber

Saturday, October 09, 1999

Bob Gerber Quiet but industrious, "Gerb" was a real lover of sports. "Bob" never missed a basketball game . . . considered it a catastrophe when algebra period was skipped . . . popped up with "How about that!" most any time. His ambition? . . . to be an airplane mechanic.

Jeanne Rich Luckenbill
Wyomissing, PA   610 375 7126

Hi Classmates,This is such a great idea and it's been good to see you on the yearbook pictures. My yearbook got lost and many times I wished I had it. You folks are the greatest and I'm looking forward to the next Meeting. Have you heard from Joan Williams? How about that Pottsville team beating Berwick. Passed the info to my brother Dave, he'll send it to Arch and Sam. Am still working part time as a Nurse Anesthetist and trying to play tennis, travel, babysit the 3 grandchildren etc., etc. Thanks guys for this website, Love to all, Jeanne and Bud

Friday, October 08, 1999

Jeanne Rich Luckenbill "Jeanne," popular, cute, and full of fun . . . thinks Mr. Gaskins' solid geometry and trigonometry classes are super. "Jeanne" is an ardent sports fan and thinks swimming is a grade-A way to get exercise. She plans to study nursing so we're notifying Temple University Hospital to open its Golden Gate for our pal, "Jean."

Arlen Day
Pottsville, PA   570-628-5117

Hi P.H.S. Class of 1950; Recognized # 53 on the football picture! Knew all the answers about football. Doing a super job with the website and hope to see everyone at the reunion. COWBOY

Sunday, October 03, 1999

Arlen Day "Cowboy" was always busy running around the town in his accessory ~ loaded Olds, giving out with a cheery "Hit the road!" to everyone. Arlen really enjoyed playing end on our football teams during his four years with us. Although his future is undecided, we wish him the best of everything.

Patricia Dunbrowney Day
Pottsville, PA   570-628-5117

Hi Classmates; We are having a good time answering the questions and reminiscing about the good old days. This Website is a great idea and we thank everyone for a job well done.

Sunday, October 03, 1999

Patricia Dunbrowney Day "Pat" is cute, quiet, and well reserved. She has taken the academic course and would like to enter the nursing profession. "Pat" participates in many activities including being an enthusiastic program seller. She was our most faithful football fan. (We wonder why?) To you, "Pat," we wish the best life has to offer.

Lois Bologna Mengel
Pottsville, PA   570-622-6890

Hi P.H.S. Class of 1950: Here with Shirley & Earl Morgan and Pat & Arlen Day checking out the web. Had fun with all the questions. This is great. Guess who will be the next one to get webtv. Will let you know when. Keep up the good work!

Sunday, October 03, 1999

Lois Bologna Mengel Lois is another of our blonde secretaries who has a great desire to travel. With a smile as bright as her hair, Lois cheered the dullest of our days. She could always be found in the gym after school playing a bangup game of basketball. Our best wishes will always be with her.

PeggyAnn Dull Freeman
Allentown, PA   610-740-3866

9/29/99 - - Thanks to my daughter, Anne, I was able to view the new website - - I think it looks great. Everything is going fine, but don't have a lot of time now, so will give a longer update later. Keep up the good work!!

Wednesday, September 29, 1999

PeggyAnn Dull Freeman "Peg" . . .quiet, but fun to be with . . . finds art to be her main interest . . . her friendliness has made her countless friends. We are proud to have been among them. "Peg" plans to enter the Reading Hospital to train as a nurse. We are sure many an intern will be happy to greet her.

Neil W. Keihm
Newark, DE   (302) 737-6141

Now isn't this just wonderful. Thank you Bill and Don. Much to much to say here just now, but will be back soon. One of my joys has been working with the Reunion Committee and the Memorial Committee. I can't wait untill 9/23/2000. Does that sound odd to you? Some of my fondest memories seem like only yesterday. Neil

Friday, September 24, 1999

Neil Keihm Neil has a many-sided personality ~ each funnier and more humorous than the last. One never knows what to expect from him, but whatever happens, it's bound to amuse us all. We can't help but remember Neil as the "Wit" of the Class of "50.

Haruka Yasuda
Tokyo, Japan

Dear Pottsville High Class of '50 I sneaked in after the notice of my long time friend Mr. Donald Simonds. I enjoyed your website and congratulate for your achievement worthy of your effort. I am particularly impressed by your memorial fund which will be a good example for our own. Even in this world of longevity, 50 years anniversary is quite a feat and I wish you guys all success in the fall of year 2000. Regards,

Wednesday, September 22, 1999

Wilson G. Freeze
Rolla, MO   573-341-7364

Many, many thanks to Bill, Don, Janie, and everyone else who has worked so hard to keep our class together through this new website, the Memorial Fund, and the reunion endeavors. I attended Gettysburg College but never graduated (Football injuries forced me to drop out). I was drafted and decided to make the Army my career. I retired after 20 years as a Senior Warrant Officer. After one year of work in the civilian engineering community, I returned to the Engineer School in Virginia to teach Surveying. When the Engineer School moved to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, I moved also. I retired in 1994 one year after my wife, Mittie Ann Cathcart died from cancer. I liked Rolla so much that I decided to stay here in the show me state. I am now remarried and active within my local church and community. Marjorie and I also are enjoying two great grandchildren, Sabrina (2), and Seth (7 mos). The prospects of getting everyone together again is stimulating. We are looking forward to an AWESOME time with many old friends. P.S. We are only a couple of hours drive from Branson and have become pretty familiar with showing friends a great time in the new entertainment capital of the U.S. Come and see us you are welcome.

Sunday, September 19, 1999

Wilson Freeze Tall, dark, and handsome can only describe "Wil." He proved to be a valuable asset to our football team, choirs, and various clubs. His fine character and sportsmanship should be a good example to those who know him. He is destined to be a successful teacher and coach of a grade-A football team. Best of luck, coach!

Janice Seltzer Lessley
Charleston, WV   304-342-6846

Greetings from West Virginia! Fifty years -hardly seems possible! The 2000 Reunion should be an exciting event. And, this Web Site is fantastic!!! For a brief bio: Married 45 years, Harry and I have four grown and very professional sons --and seven grandchilden -- all under seven years old!!! Babies and retirement arrived about the same time so we travel frequently. Harry's still recovering from massive heart surgery complicated by a severe diabetic condition. I've recently launched a new career called "J-L Workshop/Seminars" - a very successful venture - I teach professionalism to employees in business/industry. Also, I'm on the faculty at a local community college in the business department, and, serve on Boards of several big companies in the Charleston area. So, you see, retirement can come in a variety of forms. Oh yes, I retired in 1998 after serving 30 years as assistant to the Superintendent of Schools in Kanawha County. Being a charter member of the Memorial Fund Committee has brought much joy. I encourage each and every 1950 classmate to help with this great fund -- our class produced many, many successful people -- let us share our wealth in this small way. Make a contribution to help the youth of today to gain what we did 50 years ago!!!! I challenge you!!! This WEB Site is a wonderful communicative tool - hopefully, it will open doors to former friendships and a terrific reunion next year! I look forward to 2000! Janice L. Lessley

Sunday, September 19, 1999

Janice Seltzer Lessley "Janny," as she was known to her many friends, plans to become a telephone operator upon leaving P.H.S. Whenever someone mentioned swimming, "Janny" was sure to be around. She participated in many activities and was prexie of the L.A.R. Good luck to you, "Janny"!

Tom Hepner
Sidney, NE   308-254-4851

Dear Don and Bill, Just to add something...the picture of the inside of a store is Mickey's on Norwegian street. Unfortunately it is now closed and remodeled into an apartment. I spent many happy hours there and hated to see it go....Tom

Friday, September 17, 1999

Tom Hepner
Sidney, NE   308-254-4851

What a web site!! This is great. Am looking for a few friends to make contact. Christian "Sonny" Sterankle, Dale Fernsler and a Betty Jane Miller who was a couple of years behind 1950. Would appreciate hearing from any of them or getting some info about them.

Wednesday, September 15, 1999

William Dreu
Vista, CA   760/945-4516

First things first. The best description of this web page:"neat." Great job WTD and DMS! Secondly, I am not surprised at "who" is on the internet. Instead I am surprised at how few there are. This web page is an excellent (and inexpensive) way to communicate. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Wednesday, September 15, 1999

Bill Drue "Bill," called "Gabby" by all, was one of the T-men or our football eleven. He was also a member of the track team and Varsity Club. "Bill's" jokes have livened many a dull period. "Gabby" would like nothing better than to be a strutting cadet at West Point.

Shirley Muldowney Morgan
Pottsville, PA   570 622 3568

I enjoyed reading all your information and I am looking forward to other new entries. Just checking in for now will update later.

Wednesday, September 15, 1999

Shirley Muldowney Morgan "Shirl" another commercial student who has aspirations of becoming a telephone operator. Although never one to take things seriously, she looked forward to P. of D. call each day. "Shirl" was every ready to have a good time, dance, or play basketball

Charles A. Tamburelli
Seltzer, PA   570-544-5573

Hello Everyone: I am so glad that we have a WEBSITE. We can thank Bill Dove and Donald Simonds for that. Forgive me if i have that wrong and also if i forgot someone who deserves credit. Well, we are almost upon the 50th Reunion. It is hard to believe that time has passed so rapidly. I am sure that we will remember all of classmates who have passed on. You know, when you say 50. Wow, i can't even count that high. I am sure that we all cherish the good times we had in school and thereafter as we undertook our journey through life. There will some classmates who will be attending their 1st Reunion and some their 2nd or 3rd and so on. Bless those who gave their precious time and effort to establish THE MEMORIAL FUND and some other special thoughts that were put in place. There is proof that honest efforts never go unrewarded. I hope to see everyone on 9/23/2000 That should be a great party and very well attended. Can't wait. So until i see all of you, take care and may GOD BLESS YOU. P.S. The record for Football team was 9-1-1. The QB was Gabby and i only say that because i can't think of his first name. and i don't think i can spell his last.

Wednesday, September 15, 1999

Charles Tamburelli An ambitious member of the distributive education department, "Chick" hopes some day to own a retail shop. He has made everything that has happened in the course a permanent part of his mental equipment. We hope he will always get as much fun from everything as he did from his friendships here.

Tom Hepner
Sidney, NE   308-254-3223

I've traveled a lot of miles but I have made a lot of trips back to PA. I've never forgotten what I did in the short while I was with all of you. I never wanted to leave PA but circumstances prevented my staying. I've thought about some of you often and wondered what and how you were doing. I am going to do my best to come back for the reunion. It will be good to see you again. Always Tom Hepner

Tuesday, September 14, 1999

Tom Hepner Tom was with the class of '50 until he reached the end of the freshman year and then he moved to California. He is sorry he did not remain until graduation and to be with all of you and the super good football team. He has always loved the Pottsville area and returned on many vacations. His travels took him to several places and he is presently serving as a minister in Nebraska, big red country.


Fantastic to have our class be on the internet--thanks to Bill Dove, until now a long lost classmate! By the time our 50th Reunion takes place, there will be more of us saying "HI" to everyone.

Tuesday, September 14, 1999

MARY JANE (RARING) SHARSHON Sweet and petite best describes "Janie." She did an outstanding job in our gym exhibitions and piloted the girls' gym team as a capable captain. Her graceful dancing talent was shown to all when she did the Minuet. After graduation "Janie" will attend Lassell Junior College to study home economics.

KENSINGTON, MD   301-946-1353
There are few things in life that bring as much pleasure as renewing ties with friends from former days, or repairing friendships gone adrift and strengthening constant ones. "What though youth gave love and roses, age still leaves us friends and wine." I don't know about the wine, but the value of old friendships has been my pleasant discovery in working with the Committees of the Class over the last several years. The Committees have done much to foster these efforts among the classmates through the reunions and annual letters. And now this Web site -- many thanks to Bill Dove -- provides yet another channel for renewing and building ties.

Sunday, September 12, 1999

DONALD M. SIMONDS Don left us in our freshman year when his family moved away. After graduation, Don went on to Dartmouth, the army, and 30 years with CIA. He remembers fondly "the good old days" and many classmates and friends.

William T. Dove
Fort Myers, FL   941-768-5547

This past summer, super sleuth Don Simonds tracked me down as the last of the missing classmates. When I learned what he had gone through to find me I was shocked. I was also embarrassed at not having had the good sense to kept in touch over the years. To make a long story short, I volunteered to build a Web site for the Class of 1950 as my contribution to the 50th Reunion to try to compensate for my neglect. It turned out to be a lot of fun but it would not have made it this far without Mary Jane "Janie" Raring/Sharshon, Don Simonds, and Rose (Majeskie) Campbell who were not only enthusiastic about the project, but also gave of their time and their considerable talents to make it happen. Well, the site officially opens Tuesday, September 14, 1999, as a special birthday present to Janie. It is now up to all of you who visit to help us to make it a very special place for the Class Of 1950 to visit. Use this Guestbook to stay in touch with all of us. Tell us what you would like to see added. Tell us about yourself. Ask questions. Give us news about our classmates. Contribute often and anything you want to add is fine and return often to read and answer messages from your classmates all around the world. Help us with missing dates of death for our Memorial Page. Finally, mark your calendar and be sure to come to the 50th Reunion and check the site periodically for the latest information about the Reunion.

Saturday, September 11, 1999 at 22:38:52 (EDT)

William Dove "Bill" is the best authority on cameras and photography in P.H.S. That might be the reason he was elected prexie of the Camera Club. He has become a wrestling fan via television. "Bill" hopes to continue his education at the University of Pennsylvania as a major in chemical engineering.

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